Thursday, January 6, 2011


Many teenagers today do not understand the value of earning and spending money. They were not oriented that investing is necessary even if they are still students. As parents, play a crucial role in this area.

You should be able to take your children on how to save money teach. They should be able to see the concept of money and investments to understand how early childhood. This will prepare them to learn money management as you get older.

Here are some tips on how to teach your kids how to save money:

1. Your children should be trained in accordance with the money. Once children have learned to count, that is the perfect time to learn the true meaning of money. You must be coherent and to explain in simple and do it often, so they are able to recall what they have learned.

2. Always explain to them the value of money. Fa 'them understand the importance and how it will impact their lives. It 'important that you have questions about money from them entertained and you should be able to respond immediately.

3. Giving them their shares. You must give them their rights obligations. Then you can encourage them to adopt a bill given to the future. You can give them the motivation to do so by telling them that the money can be saved and new pair of shoes or the toys they want if they have the means to save time.

4. You can also learn to work for the money. Can you at home. You can pay fifty cents to one U.S. dollar each time you clean the rooms, washing dishes or feed their pets. This concept of earning little money, they think that money is something that worked and must be spent wisely.

5. You can learn to save money from their piggy banks to put coins and wait until they are complete. You can also open bank accounts for them and let them deposit money from their allowance. It is always motivated to demonstrate what they have earned.

The money savings is not something that children have learned in a meeting. You have to be patient and teach them to relate the value of money in all their activities. Children can easily learn if you are patient and consistent in guiding them and encouraging them in this endeavor.

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